Introductory Questions

1. My name is Amanda Im and I am a junior majoring in Communication Design.
2. I am currently trying to build up my portfolio/website, so I am excited to take this class and be able to understand the code behind my website and build new skills.
3. I do not have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS
4. I hope to learn how to make a scroll-sensitive/controlled design experience
5. When designing for a screen, I expect to give more attention to minute detail and syntax
6. This website is the portfolio website of a graduated WashU student. I think it exemplifies effective design because, among other things, the pages are very responsive to the user. The images fade in as you scroll through, the side bar allows you to track your progress through the pages, and the clean layout makes navigation very easy and efficient.
7. This webpage is an article from AIGA's Eye on Design website. This webpage exemplifies effective communication because, as you scroll through the webpage and read the article, the images on the left also change to correspond to the writing. With this layout, you can continually see images while you are reading, making the reading experience more visual and engaging then traditional news outlet web formats.
8. This website is the portfolio website of a graduated Pratt student working in fashion and art. I think this website works well because the style of the website reflects the minimal, clean aesthetic of her work. Though the slideshows don't have visible controls, the function is intuitive and still easy to use.