Feedback for: Emily Bielski


Is the design beautiful/striking/remarkable?
Your design is very clear and simple, could maybe use some more complexity.
Does the design aesthetic relate to the concept?
Your typeface choice could possibly relate to Game of Thrones more closely, or have more tone than the serif you have now.
Do the imagery and design choices support the text?
Yes! Each quote provides a good portrait of the character, and the text placement works well with each image.
Is the aesthetic consistent?
Yes, all type is same size + typeface + similar placement/alignment.
Is the aesthetic driving the concept, or vise-versa?
Your aesthetic could be further used to strengthen your concept, ie stylistic changes like typeface.
Is it legible?
Yes! Great resolution too.
Are type size/color/face/treatment chocies helping or hurting?
Color is really helping, great contrast + easy to read. The type size on the mobile images look a bit small.


What are the design's visual priorities?
Clarity, ample space for picture, image/figure first then text, clear visual hierarchy with quote coming first then character quoted in italics.
Are design elements working in contrast, complement, or conflict?
Complement, everything fits together well and different alignments of text feel very natural.
What elements do you consider foreground? Background?
Image is background but figure in image is foreground, text is mid/foreground.
How will the design accomodate variability in browser width?
Cropping of images are very successful and don't feel forced. One thing to note (for mobile mockups) is that with the images cropped + cutting off some of the figure, it gives more emphasis to the space that the characters are activating and therefore the text. The small size of the text confuses this hierarchy a little.
Is transparency, if used, used appropriately
n/a. I think you could use transparency successfully if you want, but with the blurred background I don't think it's necessary for clarity.

Technical Challenges

What happens at all of the sizes in between the desktop and mobile versions that have been provided?
For image, it would be nice to see an incremental cropping of the images (and maybe a small zoom in?). For text, since some of the text switches sides (ex: arya switches from left of figure to right), that could be a sudden switch. Sizing of text could also be an incremental change.
At what point does text collide with imagery? At what point does cntrast affect legibility?
Legibility may be affected if the space between text and figure isn't maintained. Right now you have a very comfortable space between figure and image, maybe maintain this through scale shift?
WAre images presented with sufficient resolution, and without unintentional distortion or compression artifacts?
Have image edges all been considereed and managed?
Yes! Edge relationships look good, and lines in image correspond with alignment of text.
Will elements such as fonts transfer as intended to the browser environment?
Can you build it?
Yes! Good job